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    Custody and storage of grinding wheels

    Since the use of the grinding wheel has high requirements for the overall performance of the AN, the storage and storage of the grinding wheel should also pay special attention to the following points:    1. The external environment should be kept dry and ventilated, and the temperature change should be small. The room temperature should not be lower than 5 degree. The vitrified bond grinding wheel cannot be placed in a wet or frozen place, the resin bond grinding wheel cannot be in contact with acid and alkali, and the two kinds of grinding wheels and the rubber bond grinding wheel cannot be in contact with oil. 2. It should not be stacked arbitrarily. It should be stored in an appropriate bracket or cabinet according to the specifications. At the same time, it should be stored in a place where vibration should be avoided, and detailed parameters such as the specifications of the grinding wheel should be indicated. So as to avoid confusion.  3. The stacking height of resin grinding wheels and rubber grinding wheels cannot exceed 200mm, and a flat iron plate is placed on the bottom and top of them to prevent the grinding wheel from cracking and deforming.  4. Thin sheets of grinding wheels with sharp edges should be stacked together, and the interval between each piece of grinding wheels should be separated by a liner (thick cardboard or foam that can maintain a certain strength).  5. Because the grinding wheel of magnesite (magnesium oxide) binder can absorb moisture in the air, special care should be taken to prevent heat and erosion when storing this kind of grinding wheel. 6. Rubber bond, magma bond and resin bond should not be stored for too long, otherwise it will cause aging problems due to changes in chemical composition. The storage period of rubber and resin bond is generally not more than one year, after the expiration date , It can be used after re-inspection.